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Our Services

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Book Keeping Service

Our bookkeeping professionals employ the latest technologies and accounting and bookkeeping software to provide the highest level of service at reasonable rates.
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Personal Taxes

Our professionals will prepare and submit all federal, state, and local tax returns according to the guidelines set by the respective tax agencies.
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Payroll Services

We offer payroll services to help other companies manage their payroll. Depending on your needs, a payroll provider can monitor your employees' time off, run scheduled payroll, report new hires and file taxes on your company's behalf
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The primary goal at Bareetta Bookkeeping is to ensure that clients take advantage of all tax planning opportunities. We often tell our clients that our main job is to make an impact within the year as opposed to at the tax filing time.
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Saving Strategies

One common strategy for saving money is called the 50-30-20 rule.

Competitive Price

Competitive pricing is the process of selecting strategic price points.
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Financial Planning

Estimating the capital required and determining its competition.
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